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Five Star is the leading consolidator of micro amusement parks in the U.S. and currently consists of 27 locations in 13 states. Five Star sells fun and generates high margins, negative working capital, low maintenance capital expenditures, and very stable historical revenue and earnings while providing guests an industry leading safety record. In February of 2023, Five Star executed a majority recapitalization with Court Square Capital Partners. Fruition was retained to lead the M&A and Greenfield strategy efforts moving forward and continues to maintain significant ownership in Five Star today.

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Lexington, KY
Experiential Entertainment
Transaction Type
Majority Recapitalization
Investment Date
June 2021
Recap Date
February 2023
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Scaled management by recruiting holdings level CEO, CFO, COO, and VP of Sales to effectuate rapid buy and build strategy and organically grow revenue and earnings

Acquired 27 locations in 13 states

Brought food & beverage in-house, optimized pricing, invested in high ROI arcade games and new attractions

Enhanced park layout to increase ticketing speed, implemented mobile/online purchasing, built group sales team, created dining areas and merchandising strategy

Created in-house labor model and dashboards for use by park management to enhance customer satisfaction and optimize labor spend while improving guest satisfaction scores (Google Reviews)

Improved sales and marketing functions including SEO, websites, ROI on marketing spend, and rolled out the Five-Star Parks & Attractions brand (all individual parks maintain legacy brand)

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