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Fruition Partners is Denver-based private investment firm dedicated to advancing middle-market businesses and management teams.

Before our principals began working together nearly a decade ago at a prior firm, in aggregate, they were involved in raising nearly $4 billion of institutionally funded equity capital, billions of debt capital markets transactions and 60+ closed acquisitions. Since Fruition’s initial investment in 2020, the team has executed over $500 million of transactions, completing 15 acquisitions, and successfully recapitalizing one platform. 

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Orange Right ArrowTalent.

We bring big-firm experience with small-firm agility, selectively investing in opportunities with outsized growth potential.

We are experienced partners and strive to create profound results for our management teams, investors and company constituents through strategic initiatives, growth oriented operational frameworks, expansion capital, and plain, old-fashioned hard work.

illustrative Investments


*Denotes an affiliated investment made by Jay Coughlon while at a prior firm, Lariat Partners (‘Lariat’). Jay Coughlon was a co-Founder and managing partner of Lariat and served as one member of a two-person investment committee. All Lariat investment decisions required unanimous approval by Jay Coughlon and the other investment committee member.

** Denotes an investment Jason Urband was a deal team member of while at Grey Mountain Partners.