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We find great leaders and partner with them to build stronger and faster-growing businesses.
We have the infrastructure to support companies through their growth stages, with proven processes to scale, frameworks to develop strong leadership teams, and capital markets expertise to achieve our collective goals.
We look for entrepreneur-owned or led companies with organic growth potential and sizable, addressable markets.
We invest in businesses with stable, predictable revenue streams in highly fragmented sectors. Our partner companies provide critical, recurring services, sell consumable products and/or experiences that are unique, creating repeat customers.
Diamond jewel
We quickly identify transformative merger and acquisition (M&A) targets that can create tremendous value to customers, employees, and investors alike.
We do not invest in our partner companies and wait a year before supporting and accelerating their growth initiatives. Oftentimes, we identify add-on acquisition targets prior to closing the initial platform investment.
From the outset of our investment, we focus on obtaining buy-in from the entire organization.
We foster autonomy with our partners while also being intimately involved in providing the right support.​
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